SFL 13 Review by Jazz Gill

The culmination of a year of shows, SFL 13 was a night that will be looked back on as the end of the beginning of MMA in India. Four of the first ever Indian MMA champions were crowned, gaining victory [...]

SFL 12 Review by Jazz Gill

It is no coincidence that just after the first ever Super Fight League title fights were announced the next show was the first ever SFL event where more than two shows went to the judge’s decisions. It seems that the [...]

SFL 11 Review by Jazz Gill

SFL 11, Quest for the Contenders – Review With the powers that be announcing up-coming title shots for the best contenders in each division, the importance of all SFL bouts has gone up a notch and the extra intensity was [...]

SFL Get Social to win a Google Nexus 7 Contest Winner

Hello MMA Fans, We ran a Get Social contest last month. Entry was real simple and participants had the chance to win a brand spanking new Google Nexus 7 tablet. Thousands of people entered, shared their communication with us and [...]

SFL 10 Review by Daniel Isaac & Jazz Gill

To try to find patterns and prove something is not a one-off fluke, experiments or tests are usually carried out at least 10 times. So after 10 Super Fight League events, fans can rest assured the exciting action every SFL [...]

SFL 9 Review by Daniel Isaac & Jazz Gill

SFL 9 – Review by Daniel Isaac & Jazz Gill Years from now, MMA fans may look back at SFL 9 and consider it a watershed moment for the sport. For while all shows have produced great action, SFL 9 [...]

SFL 8 review by Daniel Isaac & Jazz Gill

Just days before Diwali and SFL got the fireworks started early with a fight card that saw an amazing six first round finishes before being capped by an three round all out war. The evolution of MMA in India continues [...]

SFL 7 Review by by Daniel Isaac & Jazz Gill

Anyone that has had the fortune to see it for themselves will know, there is nothing like a November in India. For those that don’t know, SFL 7 provided a snippet of what it is all about. There were big [...]

SFL 6 Review by Daniel Isaac

Super Fight League 6 – The October Send-Off Three events into SFL’s series of Friday Night Fights and only three out of 21 fights have gone the distance. One thing Indian fighters can not be accused of is , not [...]

SFL 5 review by Daniel Isaac

If SFL 4 was a litmus test, then SFL 5 is truly responsible for sealing Super Fight League’s new Friday Fight Nights format as something truly unique in Indian sports and entertainment sectors. Not only did we witness the exponential growth [...]