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MMA Game


The SFL MMA Fantasy game is a simple game where every week participants get a change to predict the outcome of every fight. There is a leaderboard created where the player with the most points wins a bumper jackpot prize at the end of the year. How ever there are also weekly prizes for players who predict the fight card accurately. At each event, players choose fighter(A or B)who they think will win each fight on the card(bout Number). If the correct winner is selected, players can earn points for choosing the correct method of victory(KO/TKO, SUB., DEC.) and finishing round(1, 2, and 3).


Each correct winner is worth 50 points. If a player chooses Decision as the method, there is no need to choose a round and the correct guess will be worth 50 points. If the winner is chosen incorrectly, players will not receive points for choosing the correct method or round.
The maximum possible score for a single fight is 50 points and maximum for a fight card based on seven fights in a night is 350 points.


The Picks page is for making picks, seeing results, and viewing your score. Making Picks: An event will open for picks approximately one week before the scheduled date. If player choose KO/TKO or SUB as the method, player must haveto choose the round. Choosing DEC means there is no need to choose a round.

Deadlines:There will be a lock for picks within One hour of the start of the event. The Picks page will have Countdown watch to know how much time is left before the event locks.

Changes to Fight Card: In the event that a fight matchup changes while a round is open for picks, all picks for the match will be cleared and players will be responsible for making a new pick.

Example: Fighter A is scheduled to fight Fighter B and you pick Fighter A to win. While the round is open, Fighter B gets injured and is replaced by Fighter C. All picks for this match are cleared. Even though you picked Fighter A, who is still fighting, you must evaluate the new matchup and make a new selection before the round locks for picks.

Game Alerts: In the event that a change is made to a fight in an open event, a Game Alert will be issued notifying players of the need to make a new pick.

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